Youth Lives Matter

May 8, 2015
Youth Lives Matter

Chicago is said to be “America’s most segregated city.”1 Some communities in Chicago live with security, while others in fear of violent crime. But it’s just not the communities that makes you unsafe, but also the color of your skin. If you were a person of “color”, you would be a target. But if you were white, you would be pretty much bullet-proof. But Chicago isn't actually all that violent a city.Which is true, it’s just that some areas of Chicago are safe, while are others are not safe. But segregation is not the only cause for violence. There are many other causes like bullying, stress, family and friends. Now let me explain how they cause violence.

So when somebody is bullied, they will feel angry and might get the urge to kill a person. Then, they will be a bully itself, or even worse, a murderer. And when somebody is stressed, they start to do things that they might regret, things like killing someone. Also some people who do violent stuff have to do it. They need to kill to get money to support their family.

But friends might also turn you into a violent person. To explain, let me show you a scene. So you’ve been best friends with this person since you and your friend have been in kindergarten. But as you and your friend start high school, you see him/her change. Not the change where you get pimples, but the change where the person starts doing wrong stuff (i.e. drink alcohol, smoke, etc.) Then one day, you see him/her after school. He/she calls on you so you come. You see other people with him/her which are smoking and drinking. He/she said that these are his friends and that he/she joined a gang. He/she then tells you to join but you didn’t want to because you know it’s wrong. But you want to stay “friends” with your best friend so you say “Yes.” And that single “Yes” will change a person’s life forever. So you see, there are many other causes for violence. But you know what, violence has never affected my life. It might affect me in the future but I don’t know because the future is never predictable.

Violence has never affected my life but I can still do something about violence. I still have the power to change it, or even stop it. But stopping violence is not a one-man’s job, it takes the whole world’s commitment and willingness to stop violence and have world peace. Peace is not owned, but earned. We can all stop violence if we all try. But I will tell you of how I will try to stop violence. I would create an organization to stop violence, like the Do The Write Thing Organization. I would create a website for it and make posters of stopping violence. I will try to tell the principal of my school to support my organization and tell the whole community of what I’m doing. I will also try to find people to help with the cause.

It will usually be my friends and family members who will help me. I would organize everything, from schedules to posters to rallies. My friends can pick of what they want to do and share ideas and opinions with everyone. Everyone would be busy by then and would substantially make the world a better place. It would be the start of the end of violence. I have really been inspired by what I learned about violence. It will really help me when I grow up and when I’m growing up because I now know the many effects violence causes. My understandings about violence will affect my friends and family as I can teach them more new knowledge that they haven’t learned. So when I get a genie wish or something, my wish would be peace on earth. So, goodbye and peace on earth!


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