Celebrating over 15 Years in God's Love & Grace

Our Vision

A God-centered, loving, and accepting Christian community.

Mission & Program

We, the community of Mont Clare United Church of Christ, seek to be a church that is multicultural, multiracial and inclusive of all people.
We seek to proclaim the Realm of God by welcoming all people to a nurturing community of faith, which works for justice, righteousness and peace.

We are diverse & gifted people who are:

     Called by God to witness to the Good News of the Christian Faith
     Sent by God into the world to re-present the Christ in service and in love
     Grounded in the ancient creeds in the histories of the congregations which came together to form this particular organization
     Part of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Churches Universal

We dedicate ourselves to being a congregation that:
     Nurtures one another in Christian faith
     Celebrates and shares the Gospel
     Participates in the ministries of transformation that help to change lives and change the world
     Provide a community of faith for those seeking deeper relationships with Christ
     Engage in Christian Service to meet the needs of our community and those beyond our walls

Together, we will strive to be a vital 
& growing congregation through:

     Service of Worship
     Opportunities for Study
     Fellowship Activities
     Pastoral Care
     Stewardship of our Time, Talents 
            & Treasure
     Mission Projects & Programs
     Evangelism Efforts

We came to being:

      Mont Clare United Church of Christ is a church born twelve years ago. The church may be young but it is composed of people with rich and diverse evangelical and non-evangelical traditions and cultural backgrounds.

     November 18, 2001 was a regular Sunday worship service for churches in Chicago but not for Mont Clare Congregational and United Community Church. It was a celebration of unity. More than a year before that, the two congregations were partners in ministry. Once in a while, they worshiped together and shared each other the same facilities. Things turned out very well and members of both churches worked well with one another. Eventually both church councils went on a joint retreat and considered the idea of having one vision and mission. The retreat was concluded with a meditation and prayer. At that point, the oldest member of the group, Phyllis Koch, spoke, “I want to see these things happen in my lifetime.”

       About six months later, the two congregations united and became Mont Clare United Church of Christ. Our church visions to be a God-centered, loving, and accepting Christian community. Our mission is for us to be involve in meaningfully and prayerfully worship God, encourage and strengthen one another, empower and nurture, witness with passion, and to reach out to the community through mission, sacrificial service and projects.

Rev. Joe Ann Watson, Designated Pastor

Joseph Luat, Praise Band Leader

Joy Salcedo, Church Council Moderator 

Mont Clare UCC is with Cluster Four of the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the Illinois Conference

The Chicago Metropolitan Association’s 102 congregations are spread across the beautiful city and out into its near suburbs. From neighborhood churches to suburban congregations, church families centered on ethnic traditions and those focused on multiracial, multicultural celebrations, sprawling buildings, house churches and the largest congregation in the United Church of Christ, CMA is rich in heritage and worship experiences. Active in one of the most diverse areas of the nation, CMA provides as varied a presence of the UCC and represents the intricate web of our wider church as people struggle together over issues, meet each other in the middle in ministry partnership, and lift one another up in shared hope.

As an association of the United Church of Christ, the Chicago Metropolitan Association aspires to be a multi-racial, multi-cultural, open and affirming, peace with justice expression of the denomination, accessible to all.

The Illinois Conference of the UCC is blessed to be woven from strands of a vast variety of rich traditions that make up the UCC, both those that represent the historical denominational merger of 1957, and many that have added vibrant threads and emerging patterns to who we are, racially, ethnically, socially and liturgically. Formed in 1964, The Illinois Conference came into being through a consolidation of the North Illinois Synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Conference of Illinois.